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The role of the staff is to implement the medical/psychological treatment strategy, which is the methodology of choice at Namaqua Treatment Centre.

The medical personnel will be supported by a multi-disciplinary team to ensure that the individualized treatment program for each patient will be implemented.

The multi-disciplinary team will meet regularly to synergize the progress made by the patient, and to make adjustment to the treatment programme to ensure that the principles of our vision and mission is adhered to.

:: permanent staff ::

► Psychologist
The psychologist is responsible for the management of the treatment programme, assessment, individual and group therapy, liason with family and head of the multi-disciplinary team.

► Psychiatric Nurses
The psychiatric nurse is responsible for the medical/psychiatric care of the patient and works in close collaboration with the general practitioners and psychiatrist. This person will also conduct group training sessions and manage medical emergencies on a 24/7 basis.

► Addiction Counselors
Addiction counselors acts as case manager for individual patients. These personnel are well-experienced and streetwise in the domain of substance abuse. They work in conjunction with the rest of the team.

► Social Worker
The social worker also assumes the role of addiction counselor. They also conduct group training sessions and work with the family/caregivers. They are responsible for the nature of after-care and ongoing support for the patient’s needs in the future.

► Administrative Staff
Administrative staff will manage all daily activities at the centre. They will be involved with admission, liason with medical aids/sponsors, bed allocation, food management, domestic services, filing and secretarial functions.

:: temporary staff ::

► General Practitioners
The role of the general practitioner is to conduct the admission process to determine the need for detoxification and establish the general medical condition of the patient. All patients first need to be examined by the general practitioner prior to admission by completing the referral form. All detoxifications will be done in a hospital (mostly Vredendal Hospital). The cost of the doctor is for the patients’ account and are not included in the treatment fees at Namaqua Treatment Centre.

► Psychiatrist
The role of the psychiatrist is to do the psychiatric assessment of patients to diagnose co-morbid psychiatric conditions which often are the reason why the patient used the substance. All provisional psychiatric diagnoses need to be verified by the psychiatrist. The cost of the psychiatrist is for the patients’ account and are not included in the treatment fees at Namaqua Treatment Centre.

► Dietician
The role of the dietician is to develop a balanced daily diet plan for the patient. Patients with specific medical conditions need to be assessed for special diets. The cost of the special diet consultation does not form part of the fees of the Namaqua Treatment Centre.

► Occupational Therapist
The role of the occupational therapist is to assist if needed, in life skills training and work evaluations.

► Recreational Counselors
The role of recreational counselors will cover the facilitation of activities like art, music, physical exercise, outdoor-bound programmes, occupational programmes and practical skills training. These personnel will mostly do voluntary work.

► Religious Workers
The role of religion is very important in leading to ultimate healing whereby the patient develops a personal understanding of, and relationship with God. At Namaqua Treatment Centre we realize that without the help of the Almighty, no permanent healing is possible. Religious counselors of various applicable faiths/denominations will mostly do voluntary work.