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:: to whom it may concern ::

The cost of the in-patient treatment programme is R27 500 per 21 day session. This excludes all medical cost (pre-admission examination, detoxification, prescribed medicine and other medical costs due to sickness, injury or drug testing).

Included, find the application form at the bottom of this page which the patient in conjunction with his/her medical docter must complete.. These form must be forwarded (fax or email) to the Namaqua Treatment Centre, who will arrange for admission to the treatment centre.

This form can be viewed

:: selection criteria for admission ::

Patients who are in need of detoxification will be accommodated initially at the local Vredendal Hospital and then transferred to the Lutzville farm.

If the patient is in a serious condition in the opinion of the medical doctor, because of the type or combination of drugs, detoxification needs to be done at a psychiatric institution (Cape Town area) before he can be accommodated at our facility.

Legally referred patients with criminal charges against them, are not within our scope of treatment.

Patients who are substance users or are on self-medication (not necessarily addicted) requiring treatment for psychological / psychiatric / social conditions.

Patients who are not necessarily addicted, but use prescribed medication for a psychological / psychiatric condition for prolonged periods but need intensive psychotherapy intervention as well.

Patients who are forced to attend rehabilitation, but are found to disrupt the motivated patients by any form of misbehaviour, will be expelled from the programme if they do not co-operate.

We cater for all ethical, religious and language groups (except foreign languages unfamiliar to our national context). All therapeutic sessions will be conducted in English and/or Afrikaans.

Patients need to be 18 years and older.

We do make provision for patients with physical disabilities.

We are a private institution and fees will be charged accordingly.

:: admission process ::

Patients needs to pay attention to the following guidelines/ minimum requirements for admission:

At least seven sets of clothing (shorts, trousers, underwear etc).

Hiking boots and/or sport shoes

Toiletries: (note that no-alcohol based products or spray deodorant is allowed, only roll-on deodorant. Only Electric or sealed blade shavers)

Towels (at least 4)

Swim suite

Warm clothes (jackets, jerseys).

Pocket money.

Bible or religious book.

Your choice of CD or DVD music (music forms an integral part of the treatment).

If a sports fan, bring your own equipment with (eg. fishing gear).

Personal valuables will be locked away on your request at the centre (at your own risk).

Your prescription medication with the relevant doctor’s prescription to substantiate the use thereof.

ID or passport or other legal document of identification.

Medical aid card to pay for professional services not included in the program costs.

In case of chronic medication, the original prescription/authorization from the doctor and medical aid.

Recreational activities/hobbies is encouraged and enforced in the programme - equipment or tools used for a current hobby should be brought where practically possible.

This document can be downloaded from here.

Referal and Application Form
To be completed by the applicant and refering doctor.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader